Beautiful Songs: Falling In Love by NOFX

Yes, they are a punk band - a classic punk band, at that - which most people don't associate with 'beauty', but I think there's lots of beauty in NOFX's songs, and in particular this track.

Firstly, the music. I love the drum intro - that's pretty beautiful in itself. And then those awesome octave guitar chords after the first verse - gorgeous. The melody is beautiful, too.

And then we have the lyrics, which I'll paste below. Short, sweet - beautiful. Pretty lovely for a punk band, huh?

Blast oxygen masks, smoke filled cabin
Depressurize, don't be afraid, hold onto me
We're goin down, but not our love

Death don't seem so bad, when I'm with you
My only love, so close your eyes
Kiss me one last time,
We're gonna die, but not our love, not our love

This awesome song is the final track on NOFX's album, 'So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes'.

What do you think? Agree that it's beautiful? Totally disagree? Write a comment below and let me know!

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