Beautiful Music: Xuefei Yang

Xuefei Yang is an amazing classical guitarist from China - and I'm going to see her in concert on Friday! Really can't wait - just listen to her play 'Sevilla' above, it's just beautiful. I'll include some more of her performances after the jump.

Beautiful TV: Ed

Ed was an amazing, heart-warming comedy-drama that aired between 2000 - 2004. Starring Tom Cavanagh and Julie Bowen, it told the story of Ed Stevens, a New York lawyer who loses his job, and finds out his wife is cheating on him, all on the same day.

So, he does what any man would do in this situation - goes back to his home town of Stuckeyville, buys a bowling alley, and falls in love (all over again) with his high-school crush.

Ed was (and is) a truly beautiful series, featuring riduculously grand romantic gestures (including the time when Ed wears a full-blown suit of armour!), life-affirming stories, beautiful friendships, laugh-out-loud hilarity, and, even though I've said it before in this same sentence, pure romance.

It was such a shame when they decided to finish this fantastic series, and an even bigger shame that they still haven't released any DVDs (and I'm not sure they ever will).

I've included the promo for the first series of Ed below, and, if you're interested, you can browse for lots more Ed-related goodness.

Have you seen Ed? Think it's beautiful? Write a comment below and let me know!

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Beautiful Songs: Decode by Paramore (Acoustic)

This is a gorgeous song in its own right, but the above live acoustic version is just incredible. Hayley Williams' vocals are amazing! How on earth does someone so slight have such a powerful voice? Sit back and enjoy this piece of audio beauty!

Taylor Swift Gallery

I'm not even going to go into the whole Taylor/Kanye debacle, other than to say that it's going to have a much better effect on the beautiful Taylor Swift's career rather than on that ugly Kanye's one.

Many examples of Taylor Swift's gorgeousness is below...

Beautiful Songs: Glycerine by Bush

'Glycerine' is from Bush's debut album, Sixteen Stone, and is a truly beautiful song. That palm-muted guitar, so simple, yet so effective; a haunting melody, and, of course, Gavin Rossdale's awesome voice.

Nikkala Stott Gallery

Nikkala Stott is an English model, and is a classic beauty. So, you don't need me rambling on - just check out these amazing pictures!

Beautiful Books: Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes, by Louis Sachar, made me cry. Yes, I am a grown man. And, no, I don't cry easily. But this beautiful novel made me shed more than a single tear, I can tell you. If you haven't read it, then I won't spoil it by saying the tears came from sadness or joy - but know that you should stop reading this, and go find Holes to read right away to find our for yourself!

Beautiful Songs: Falling In Love by NOFX

Yes, they are a punk band - a classic punk band, at that - which most people don't associate with 'beauty', but I think there's lots of beauty in NOFX's songs, and in particular this track.

Princess Madeleine Gallery

With the world reeling from the news that Princess Madeleine of Sweden is no longer single, (well, actually, I'd never heard of her - had you?), I thought it was my duty to seek out more info, and see if she was worthy of a post on Beauty Geeks.

Beautiful Art: Andy Buck's Pencil Drawings

Andy Buck is an amazing artist from the UK - just look at the incredible work he can do, using pencil only!

Beautiful Architecture: Castles

I fell in love with castles from an early age, when my parents took me to see some of the amazing North Wales castles. So I've managed to see some of these 'in the flesh' - but I wish I could say I've seen them all! Oh well, just another thing to aim for in life I suppose...

Beautiful Moments: The Red Arrows Through A Rainbow

Quite a sight, huh? The Red Arrows are always spectacular, but this particular event in Cornwall had the added beauty of a perfect rainbow to fly through.