Beautiful TV: Dawson's Creek

A totally beautiful series, in virtually every way. The actresses? Oh yes. The setting? Gorgeous. The dialogue? A bit heavy-going and multi-syllablic, but that was part of the charm. What made this classic series so beautiful though, in my mind, is what it stood for - the morales and values of the characters.

To put it mildly, this series was the antithesis to channel 4's 'Skins'. Instead of revelling in the hedonism of teenage life - the drink binges, the casual sex - Dawson's Creek had a much more romantic outlook on youth. These weren't kids who were jumping in and out of bed with each other - Dawson, Pacey et al would much rather have a quiet date at the local cinema, a row up the creek, or a heartfelt discussion.

They were sensitive, intelligent, caring and romantic - Dawson's Creek, even though it ended wrongly (in my opinion! I mean, how come she went off with Pacey? Dawson was the one!) it still stands as a thing of beauty, and a series I will be forcing my children to watch someday.

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