Katy Perry Gallery

OK, she may not be the world's greatest singer (see our section on beautiful voices for some fantastic vocalists), but she is definitely beautiful! Ever since she burst on to the music scene with her 'I kissed a girl' smash hit, she's been getting more and more exposure. And that's not a bad thing!

By the way, according to Wikipedia, her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson - interesting, eh?

She has a classicaly beautiful face, and a gorgeous curvy figure - check out these stunning photos:

And, even though I did say her voice isn't the best in the universe, I thought I'd drop in a little extra - a live video. You can turn the sound off if you wish...

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What do you think? Think she's beautiful? No? Write a comment below and let me know! We're always looking for what you find beautiful, so write a comment or send us an email - we'll credit your idea of course!


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