Laetitia Casta Gallery (Photos & Video)

Laetitia Casta is a French model and actress. And, yes, she sure is beautiful! Apparantly she was discovered by a photographer when she was only 15, on a family holiday. All we can say at Beauty Geeks is, 'Thank you Mr. Photogrpaher!'.

After the jump you'll find over 30 laeticia casta pics and videos...enjoy! (Warning: Some nude shots lie within...)

Laetitia on the catwalk in some beautiful underwear

A compilation of Miss Castas catwalk finest moments

A photoshoot in Africa

When she starred in Chris Isaack's music video

Some of her finest screen moments - warning: topless scenes!

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Unknown said...

Nice. Just amazing.

Anonymous said...

She's really beautiful. Nice shots.

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